Healthcare is important to all women but lately in the African American community women have become increasingly concerned about their doctors and healthcare provided.  More and more black women are voicing their concerns about everything from pregnancy scares to being misdiagnosed for all kinds of care including diabetes, cancer treatment, heart health and other various health problems. The question is do we just accept the diagnoses or get a second opinion?  Heart disease, cancer and stokes are some of the leading causes of death in the black community. Most of the African American community prefer someone that looks like them unfortunately only 5.7% of doctors are black. Studies show that black patients are more likely to follow medical recommendations after visiting black doctors. Most of us feel the barriers between our doctors whether it be race, appearance, rich or poor there is always likely some tension between patient and doctor until certain walls come down. It is quite realistic to say that we all come from different backgrounds social, economic and culture are some of the things that play a part in our lives when we meet people.  African Americans are especially apprehensive because of all the odds stack up against them from previous encounters with other cultures. But should we discount the other races that are known to be the majority to treat us?  One could argue but all in all it doesn't change the fact that African American doctors are far and few in between and whether we like it, or no other cultures may end up paying you a visit at your next office visit. If you are lucky enough to find that great doctor that looks like you. Who is to say you won't receive the same treatment that you may be fearful of getting from the other guy? Racism is back on the rise, and it is safe to say all races are looking at each other these days with the side-eye. But however, you feel just remember you'll never know what your next angel will look like walking through your room door. We hope for the best and pray God will provide.

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